Man Suffering from Peyronies Disease

Peyronies Disease

Don’t deal with the pain, discomfort, or embarrassment any longer. We can help you solve your Peyronies. Call the team at Genesis Men’s Medical to find out how we can solve your Peyronies issues today.

The last thing that should accompany an intimate moment with your partner is pain. Unfortunately for those suffering from Peyronies Disease, pain is a real problem. Genesis Men’s Medical in West Palm Beach, Florida understands the struggle you’re going through and can help. Our expert medical staff will get you on the path to a pain free sexual experience. Talk to a member of our team today about how our customized treatment plans can work for you. Call our office at 561.614.4444 to schedule your visit to Genesis today.   


What is Peyronies Disease? 

Guy Suffering from Peyronies Disease

Peyronies Disease refers to a condition where scar tissue (plaque) builds up inside of your penis. This plaque buildup results in a bent penis when erect, instead of a relatively straight erection. Most of the time, men with Peyronies are still able to engage in sexual intercourse, but may experience pain during the act. In some cases, Peyronies Disease can cause Erectile Dysfunction


What Causes Peyronies Disease? 


There is no concrete cause for Peyronies Disease, but there are some things that have been linked to the development of the disease. Trauma to the pelvic area has been linked to the development of Peyronies Disease. Other physical factors like your bodies ability to heal, your age, and even family history can all contribute to the development of this painful sexual dysfunction.  


Symptoms of Peyronies Disease


Some symptoms that are emblematic of Peyronies Disease are as follows: 


  • Bend or Curve in Your Penis
  • Shortening of Your Penis
  • Lumps on the Shaft of Your Penis
  • Painful and/or Soft Erections
  • Difficult or Painful Sexual Experiences


While this is not an exhaustive list of symptoms, it does capture the most common symptoms from those men dealing with this type of sexual issue. 


Peyronies Treatment Options

Guy who has had his Peyronies Disease cured.

Genesis Men’s Medical is here to help men just like you find freedom from the issues hampering their love life. Peyronies Disease is not something you have to live with, and there is now an alternative to surgery. 


  • PulseED™ – Not only is PulseED™ painless, but it is also non-invasive. No surgery needed! Through the miracle of soundwave technology, we are able to break up the plaque, and restore damaged blood vessels, resulting in increased blood flow, and the restoration of your sex life. PulseED is available EXCLUSIVELY from Genesis Men’s Clinic.


  • Priapus – When used in conjunction with PulseED, Priapus greatly increases the effectiveness of your treatment, and can result in an increase in both penis size and sensitivity. Not only will you be able to pleasure your partner again, but you will have an even better time doing it thanks to Priapus from Genesis Men’s Medical.  

Don’t let pain stand between you and a satisfying sexual experience any longer. Our men’s health experts can help you today. Talk to a member of our team about how you can find relief from your Peyronies Disease through a treatment plan customized to your specific situation. Call our West Palm Beach office at 561.614.4444 to setup your consults. You can use our online form to schedule your appointment as well.